Dear Sugar Radio

Having taken my podcast recommendations onboard in consideration of an impending long bus journey, and having reached their destination, a friend messaged me with news that the Dear Sugar podcast had made them cry. On the bus. The podcast, presented by Cheryl Strayed (of Wild) and Steve Almond (whose voice will soothe, regardless of whether his advice is useful for you), is at times a tough listen: the Sugars, as they are known, deal with diverse topics with aplomb.

The podcast feed started out littered with shorter episodes which deal with more specific reader questions, from listeners whose problems may or may not align with your own, but provide ideas which are just as applicable as in the broader, numbered topic episodes, which they sit alongside. The podcast started in December 2014, so listening to the archives is not an unachievable task to set oneself: since it was introduced to me by a kind friend who is a master of podcast recommendations, I have been working haphazardly upwards from the bottom of their feed.

Today I have listened to ‘I’m Sleeping With Younger Men’; ‘My Brother Is Too Affectionate With His Boyfriend‘; and ‘Episode 10: When Friendships End‘. 

On the topic of friendship: here is a video made by Grace LaDoja on that topic, sent to me by Ellen whilst writing this post. It will make you feel the twinkling star emoji in your heart. I am unable to predict whether it will make you cry on a bus. 


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