The Taste Makers, New Yorker

The ‘Pocketable’ links which feature in Caitlin Dewey’s email newsletter include 2 important details: length in words, and estimated length of time to consume. If I were to go to a similar effort for this post, you’d realise that this New Yorker piece I am in the process of recommending to you is really long, and takes a really long time to read. Start-in-the-morning-with-coffee, (forget about), and finish-in-the-evening-in-bed-with-minty-breath long.

Written in 2009 by Raffi Khatchadourian, the article is a profile of the flavour industry, and of flavourists. I saw it linked by Ashok Kondabolu on Twitter, and consequentially I have been ‘did-you-read-it‘ing most people I have met with for the past week. The piece examines the secrecy of the business of tastemaking, and provides insight as to the extent to which treasured products are clever concoctions of flavours. Khatchadourian looks extensively at how flavours are made, but most interestingly, why.

The tang of a Corona has never tasted sweeter.


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