To start near the beginning: watch a young Kanye West performing ‘Self Conscious’ on Def Jam PoetryWatch Kanye West explaining why George Bush doesn’t care about black peopleWatch West accept his honorary degreeHow about looking at West’s 2013 patent for an immersive cinema experienceListen to West’s lament of racism in the porn industry, Hell of a LifeListen to writer and noted Kanye-fan Ayesha A. Siddiqi talk about Kanye.  Here’s a look at Kanye and Kim eating ice creamJust *look* at Kanye’s staging for Coachella 2011. Read why Ask Polly thinks you should accept West as a God, all the while dishing out some sound advice to avoid the mediocrities of the tepidCord Jefferson thinks Kanye knows you think he sounds nuts, but you ought to know Kanye isn’tDon’t believe the papers: Kanye West does not dislike Beck, thank you very much. Steve McQueen likes Kanye West, and he chose Kanye West’s ‘Power’ in his Desert Island Discs. The Spike Jonze video for Only One.

Image is a screenshot from the Art Institute of Chicago acceptance speech. It should be noted that emails in praise of Kanye West are always welcome @