‘The Swim Team’ by Miranda July

I recently gave a copy of July’s 2007 collection of short stories ‘No one belongs here more than you‘ to Ellen, who then lent me the book with a word of warning that the second story within the collection is great. It is.

‘The Swim Team’ starts with a character musing that maybe her ex-boyfriend is torn apart by her secret past life in a small town named Belvedere. “This is the story I wouldn’t tell you when I was your girlfriend“. The narrator led a swim team of octogenarians in her small apartment, in the absence of any nearby bodies of water. “The butterfly was just incredible, like nothing you’ve ever seen“. Yesterday I read the story out loud to Eszter after dinner (vegetarian one pot spaghetti), and I think she appreciated the aquatic theme to the story while doing the dishes.

If the recent release of emails of hrod17 haven’t satiated your perverse interest in other people’s inboxes, find out about Miranda July’s now-finished wethinkalone project here