Take Me (I’m Yours), the exhibition

Leaving with a bag filled with zines and posters, a new plaid shirt courtesy of the Christian Boltanski room, and a Gilbert & George ‘God Save the Queen’ badge (for which the security guard quite rightly mocked me), I left this exhibition laden with stuff.

Tout doit disparaître‘.

The premise of ‘Take Me (I’m Yours)’ was conceived and executed twenty years ago at the Serpentine, under Hans Ulrich Obrist and Boltanski: this time joined by Chiara Parisi, the trio recreated and reinvented the now-iconic exhibition, for viewers across the other side of La Manche. The beautiful interior architecture of La Monnaie is an unusual bedpartner for conceptual art in a world of white cube galleries; the high ceilings a delicious break from Parisian budget real estate. As someone curmudgeon to spend money on culture (did Justin Bieber write ‘Where R Ü Now’ about governmental funding for the arts?), and having previously revelled in HUO’s curation for free at Manchester Museum as part of MIF a couple of years ago, I feel that my 8€ student ticket was an excellent way to spend an afternoon.

Take Me (I’m Yours) features work by Carsten Höller, Danh Vō, Felix Gonzales-Torres and m o r e, at La Monnaie until 8th November. If you’re unable to make it, be sure to enjoy Hans Ulrich Obrist’s Instagram account, where his artist friends write epigrammatic Post-It notes: like an overzealous Mum lunchbox message, but by your favourite names from the art world.