14th February

  1. Once again this article by Stevie Mackenzie-Smith warrants tweeting, posting, and sending.
  2. Modern Love podcasts from the New York Times, with readings from Dakota Fanning and Judd Apatow.
  3. A renaissance of love for the Diary of a Teenage Girl, discussed on both SRSLY (whose archives I have been drinking up), and on this week’s Call Your Girlfriend.
  4. The Valentine’s episode of Dear Sugar Radio looked at what Lacan refers to as the objet petit a, and what Steve Almond calls the crushes which have crushed him.
  5. Tracey Clayton and Heben Nigatu of Another Round were interviewed for Longform.
  6. I have started a newsletter of Jenny Holzer truisms, which will be sent on Wednesday evenings. It’ll launch tonight with a Valentine’s message. Sign up here.