A Sunday of Dory Previn Songs on Desert Island Discs

There’s a comb on the shelf, I papered that wall myself.

  1. Alongside, unfortunately, being lambasted by Sue Lawley for his “wasted” years, Jarvis Cocker chooses ‘The Lady With The Braid’ to remind him of when it made him stop and listen, during a curtain pole installation.
  2. In her 1986 Parkinson-presented episode, Maureen Lipman  (“she was only a tailor’s daughter but she had them all in stitches“) dissects the expectations of women in comedy (“there is a strong feeling around that men don’t like women telling jokes”), and states that she thinks there has been progress (“I do think it’s getting better” / “this is becoming a thing of the past”). She comments on the poetry of Previn’s lyrics.
  3. The “adored by her fans, sometimes mobbed at book signings” author Jacqueline Wilson writes about children who, she says, are “the odd ones out“. She opts for Previn alongside Mandy Miller’s ‘Nelly the Elephant’, and a Philip Glass track for working to.
  4. Glenys Kinnock on the difficult task of being a mother: “sometimes you feel very claustrophobic“. She describes Previn as an “underrated and forgotten singer“; “her songs are pure poetry“.
  5. Nigella Lawson’s father, and morning tea maker, sits in the middle of a Kinnock sandwich in this unofficial Discs Previn choice archive. He chooses ‘Yada Yada La Scala’ for his wife.
  6. Before choosing Dory Previn’s ‘Yada Yada La Scala’, Neil Kinnock is asked by Sue Lawley in his 1988 episode: “do you get the feeling your luck is running out?”. He describes Previn as a “lovely lady… very inventive and creative lady“. He says that Glenys will put Previn on the tape-deck while waiting for guests, and, sensibly, he asks for Radio Four as his luxury item.
  7. Prior to her becoming the presenter, in 1987, Sue Lawley was interviewed for Discs by Parkinson – she chooses Dory Previn’s ‘The Lady With The Braid’, calling it “haunting“.
  8. Given the recent Shakespeare celebrations, Ralph Koltai’s Desert Island Discs is a festive listen; he talks about a skateboarding Puck in a Danish production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. He chooses ‘Lover Lover Be My Cover’ as he jokes about romance.